B1. Iced Coffee w/Condensed Milk 2.75

C Ph Sữa


B2. Thai Iced Tea (Regular or Vegan) 2.75

Tr Đ Thi


B3. Fresh Lemonade 2.75



B4. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 3.50

Cam Vắt Tươi


B5. Soy Milk 2.75

Sữa ậu Nnh



B7. Soft Drinks (Coke, Sprite, etc.) 1.00

Nước Ngọt


B8. Hot Tea / Iced Tea 1.00/person

Tr / Tr Đ


B9. Spring Bottled Water 1.00

Nước Suối


B10. Non-Alcoholic Beer 3.00

Bia Chay


B11. Caramel Flan (Regular or Vegan) 2.00

Bnh Kem Flan


B12. Vegan Mocha Chocolate Cake 2.50

Bnh S C La


B13. Vegan Carrot Cupcake 2.50

Bnh C Rốt


With respect for all life, we proudly
serve all dishes free of
meat, poultry, fish, egg and MSG.



* Price are subject to change without prior notice